Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA


Creating the best custom competition bikinis for over 20 years

Waterbabies Bikini is the only designer experienced in both the pageant world as well as the fitness industry since the begining

Designing competition bikinis is not just something we do, it is ALL we do

We provide FREE consultation and FREE fabric / crystal swatches to our clients on request

NPC, IFBB, Olympia, Arnold Classic, regardless of which stage you are preparing for

If you are shopping for the right competition bikinis for any budget, we are the only choice for you.


Whether you are prepping for a fitness bikini or figure competition, here are the top 5 things to look for when shopping for the perfect competition bikinis

  1. Customer support: To us, you are more than just a customer, you are a client, our relationship does not end after you click checkout. You must ask yourself why a company not provide any return or exchange option and avoid giving out phone number and email to potential customer? We are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.
  2. Quality and Value: Waterbabies only use the best materials for manufacturing bikini competition suits. We use real Austrian crystals, no imitation grade B rhinestones. The cost is 10 time more but the sparkle is unbeatable. While most competition bikini makers use the cheaper material and charge you the same ($600 for a suit costing $20-30 in materials) or use real crystal and charge you ridiculously high prices ($1000 for a few crystals), we strive for providing the best value for our clients. We also provide discounts not only for new customers but also repeat customers as well.

  3. Design Details: We have been designing and manufacturing competition bikinis for over 20 years. During this time, our patterns and manufacturing techniques have been revise, refined and expanded more than 30 times. Even with something as simple as the scrunch butt bottom, we have analyzed and developed the perfect stitching tension. We understand the importance of what 30 seconds mean for a competitor and what the judges are looking for, and we refine our design to meet those criteria. Balance, symmetry, muscle tone, shine and class.

  4. Getting what you paid for: Many of our clients come to us after not getting what they paid for with other companies. With us, what you see is what you get. When shopping in our store what you pay for is what you see in the product photo. 

  5. Speed and Reliability: We are the fastest and most reliable custom competition suit designer Period. We have never missed a promised ship date in over 20 years. All of our inventory products are considered quick ship with 1 business day turn around time. We have saved hundreds of clients from last minute emergencies. We understand the anxiety and frustration in competition prep and it is our job to help alleviate that from our clients.




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Customer Review

"'Hi,Just wanted to share a word of praise for your bikinis. I've previously bought 4 Waterbabies bikinis and have always been extremely happy with each one. Great fit, quality and price point. For some reason I thought I'd try something new. I went and bought a R***** S****, top of the line for $550. When it finally arrived I was rather disappointed. The cups did not mould to the breast but were rather like two cardboard triangles with ill- shaped padding. For such a premium item I couldn't believe they used a large plastic hook on the back to fasten. And the connectors I just don't trust -- they look cheap and unreliable. And there's a few other things that didn't quite live up to the billing. Anyway, just to say you guys make a great suit. I'm a competitor and coach and I'll definitely be sticking to you guys in the future and recommending you guys to my girls. Keep it up' Edith"