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How We Began 

I began competing more than 17 years ago, well designed competition bikinis was no where to be found. Having an eye for fashion and talent for design I set out to bring the best to you, the bikini competitor. If the perfect bikini competition suit is what you are looking for, this is the place for you. .


Design perfection is achieved from selecting the best materials, workmanship, fit and finish. We strive to bring every bikini competitor the glamour and elegance you deserve without over charging. Design is not simply throwing as much cysytal on a suit sas possible and calling it day.
Our Designs 

Not all competition bikinis are created equal. You will only find the highest quality original designs here. No copy cat swimsuits or low quality imitation connectors. Focused designs to provide a classy and graceful stage presence. Ultimately elegant design must bring balance and symetry to you, the competitor.
Your Vision 

You will find a wide variety of competition bikinis in our online store, from simple elegance to extravagant glamour. You can even create your own design from scratch. You can dream it, we can help you realize it.
Red sequin competition bikini
Crystal competiton bikni
Sequin competition bikini
Silver custom bikini


Waterbabies Bikinis is the custom competition bikinis and swimsuit of choice by the winners of the biggest swimsuit pageants and more than 70 % of the contestants worldwide for 6 years straight, more than ALL other custom swimsuit companies combined. We are simply the BEST when it comes to design and manufacturing of bikini competition suits. Whether you are looking for competition bikinis, fitness bikinis, bikinis with lots of bling, scrunch butt bikinis, figure suits or just a custom bikini to lounge around in, our bikinis will make you stand out on stage or from the crowd by any Las Vegas poolside. Waterbabies Bikini is your only choice. You can find a variety of bikini looks here, bling bikinis, crystal bikinis, sequin biknis, hologram bikinis, glitter bikinis, or our signature lace and rockstar bikinis. At Waterbabies Bikini we do not believe in 1 size fits all, we strive to design the best custom swimwear that will enhance every sexy curve on a woman's body, and we only use the best materials such as genuine Swarovski crystals and european made connectors. Waterbabies Bikinis are often imitated but never duplicated. If fitness competition or pageant is your path and winning the competition is your goal then you have come to the right place. You are not just a customer at Waterbabies, you are a partner. START SHOPPING.

Months of hard work and dieting, 15 minuts of stage walk to show off the results. The choice you make on the competition bikini should complement your appearance, not distract or take away from the judge's vision. So how do you choose the right suit from all the competition bikinis out there?

Buyer Beware:

Be aware of 3 main factors when choosing your bikini competition suit.
1. Material quality: Too many times do we end up with customers of other companies coming to us for help, complaining they had paid $500 or more for something that just looks cheap and doesn't sparkle. Too many companies around today choose imatation crystals to make their bikinis to maximize profit. Look closely at their advertisements, the videos are shakey and fast why? this is the only way to maximize what little sparkle the imatation crystals can produce, we show our products in a slow smooth manner so our customers can see all the details and all the sparkles real crystals will generate. When making a purchase look at the connectors used very carefully and you will find many of the bikini connectors are cheaply made with very weak metal interlinks, we require the manufacturer to solder backup chain to all our connectors at a much higher cost to us to ensure every piece meet our strength requirement. When you purchase a fully loaded crystal bikini from us, the material cost in just the crystals along is almost $200, while the cost of the entire suit from most other manufacturers is less than $50.00. Why would anyone want to pay $600.00 for something that costs less than $50 to make, we wouldn't, would you?
2. Craftsmenship: Look closely at the stitch and the cut. Single and zigzag finishing stitching are produced by cheap home sewing machings that cost less then the suit you paid for. We use industrial cover stitch machines to create strongest and elastic finishing stitches that minimizes any chace of the stitching coming apart. Our seamstresses have a combined experience of over 50 years, this can be easily seen when you put our bikinis next to our competitors. Almost all of the suits we have seen are lobsided one way or another. The back of the bottom are not symmetrical, the tops don't pull straight, the seams are off center just to name a few.
3. Customer Service: We are very proud of this one as we can guarantee that we do in fact have the BEST customer service in the industry. So many times we have heard new customers tell us "I can't get e response from xxxxxx". We respond to our customers 7 days a week and usually within an hour if not immediately. Our manufacturing and shipping schdule are on time or sooner 100% of the time. We have never missed a single delivery deadline in over 10 years, try asking that about other companies that's only been aorund for 2 or 3.

Bikini Competition Suit Fit and finish (one size does not fit all):

To start with, a high quality competition suit should have smooth edges when laying flat. Ripples and jaggedness in the edges is an indication of poor stitch work, improper tention or none professional machinery. Additionally, there should be dual interlocking finishing stitches, this allows for proper stretch and prevents popping stitches thus providing the necessary durability. The correct amount of strech also allow the fabric to lay evenly across curved surfaces. Let's face it, no woman's body is flat so why wear bikinis that wasn't designed with a woman's curves in mind to begin with? And why would you ant to worry about it when standing on the fitness competition stage Waterbabies competition bikinis are manufactured using the most advaced high speed industrial cover stitch and multistitch machines. Each piece is carefully inspected and any imperfection in the stitch work is rejected or reworked. All materials used are tested and re-tested to ensure quality and durability, any items not meeting our standards are discontinued immediately. Always ask to see a close up photo of the stitch work, the last thing you should worry about on stage is your wordrobe unraveling. Many first time cometitors have a difficult time determining the best fit when it comes to choosing the correct size bikini or figure suit. Let's start by looking at the top. For the most part, a good baseline to start with is your proper bra (cup) size. Because standard competition bikini tops are stretchable, a small size variance should not pose a major issue. Bikini tops with padding and molded cup will require more precise fit due to the desired support. Competitors with natural breasts will need triangle tops with wider base (regular triangle) for better support. Natural breasts with normal separation can choose tops with or without padding (choosing the padding for the push in/up look, or moulded cup to get the maximum lift), but if the separation is wider than average, padding or moulded cup is a necessary option. If you are looking for sommething sexier, narrower tops (skinny triangle) are good options for competitors with breast enhancements. Always make sure you are aware of the competition guideline. As an example, someone with 34 D natural should choose regular D top wiith padding or moulded cup. But a 34 D enhanced can use skinny D top, regular C or D top with or with out padding, the choice is up to the individual's comfort level and desired coverage. For the bottom, scrunch butt is by far the most widely accepted style, the choice is based on 2 major factors. First is desired coverage, bottom coverage range from 30%(pro-mini), 35%(mini), 40%(sweetheart), 50%(butterfly) and 65%(full). The 2nd will be determined by the competition organiztion. NPC, IFBB, WBFF, Bikini Universe, Arnold classic are some of the most popular fitness competition organizations. The bottom sizes range from XS-M, the competitor jean size, height, weight all figures into determining the proper size. All bikini and figure competitors are encouraged to check the rules and regulations posted by the organization as well as pictures of competitors from past competitions.

Add-Ons, connectors and accessory:

Is it possible to have too much bling on competition bikinis? You bet your $500.00. One of the first symptom for over bling is the change in the fabric flexibility. Crystals are applied using glue, when every inch of the fabric is covered in crystals, the fabric is saturated by glue and looses all flexibility (See one of the customer testimonials below). Many so called designers simply copy our designs and pile on more crystals without thought and consideration for the basis of the design. The end result is a competition bikini that feels like cardboard. Another side effect of such excessive application is that, crystals completely over shadows the base fabric color to the extent of obscurity, the suit only appears to be silver in color under stage lights. Once again excessive crystal application serves to show the lack of design consideration.
Crystal connectors are necessary add ons for all forms of competition bikinis today and the design, durability are key when it comes to selecting the right add on. Unlike most "designers" who purchase connectors from the same wholesalers (this is why you will see many of the same connectors across the different "designers") , we actually design our own connectors and we quality test all connectors in house. Many times a connector will be phased out because it doesn't meet our quality standards. Regardless of manufacturing care, the connectors must be treated as jewelry and handled as such. Connector interlinks are made of metal and can not be bent when worn or stored.

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Competition Bikinis Customer Review

Rated 5/ 5 based on 1067 customer reviews

'Hi,Just wanted to share a word of praise for your bikinis. I've previously bought 4 Waterbabies bikinis and have always been extremely happy with each one. Great fit, quality and price point. For some reason I thought I'd try something new. I went and bought a R***** S****, top of the line for $550. When it finally arrived I was rather disappointed. The cups did not mould to the breast but were rather like two cardboard triangles with ill- shaped padding. For such a premium item I couldn't believe they used a large plastic hook on the back to fasten. And the connectors I just don't trust -- they look cheap and unreliable. And there's a few other things that didn't quite live up to the billing. Anyway, just to say you guys make a great suit. I'm a competitor and coach and I'll definitely be sticking to you guys in the future and recommending you guys to my girls. Keep it up' Edith

'OMG!! I got my suit today. It's absolutely beautiful! I thought the Barbie's revenge was perfect, this suit is even more perfect! Thanks so much for all of your help. Ya'll make the best competition bikini's!!!!!!!!' Lila

'Just a quick note to say that I absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE my suit!!Thank you!!! Thank You!!!Thank you!! :)' Renee D

'The bikinis arrived today and I have to thank you for excellent service from you. That you contacted me for about the fabric of the trimmings and everything. Service was fast and the bikinis are so beautifull, just what I wanted: PERFECT! Thank you :-)' Anna-Kaisa Vaarno

'A huge thank you i received my bikini today and it is absolutely stunning! Thanks' Dan

'I ordered your barbies revenge bikini for my first bikini competition. I got 2nd place in both divisions I entered! everyone was talking about what a beautiful suit I had! The fit was great. Thank you so much.' Lila

'Just got my suit and WOW!!!! I am in love with it! Thanks so much!!! I will definitely be a shopping here in the future!' Tayler

'I received my suit yesterday. OMG! It is so beautiful! It fit perfectly. I felt like a princess and looked like a pro. I am 47 and am training to compete in my first bikini competition at the Daytona Beach Classic on September 27th. When I look at all the photos of competitors, I get really nervous; all the doubts come and I start wondering what in the world made me think I could do this. But, when I step on stage in this suit, I know I am going to have the right to be there. I'll be putting in lots of hard work between now and then, but now I can rest easy; I have a suit that's going to show it off beautifully! Many, many thanks to the designer. The Trinity is a winner! (Love, love, love the peek-a-boo business in the back!)' T.J.

I've recieved my new bling suit from you and that was AMAZING!!
I'm wearing it at Arnold Amateur 2015, March 05. I can't wait to be on the stage with it!! I just wanted to say thank you for making a wonderful suit for me :)
With lots of love, Kaori

I just wanted to say i cannot thank you enough for all your help today making sure my order was perfect and getting it to me quickly, thank you for always answering my emails and phone calls promptly!! I am beyond impressed and so excited to have my suit!! You are awesome and I will tell all of my fellow competitor friends about my awesome experience with waterbabies bikinis!! Have a great day and thank you again!! :-)

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