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This privacy policy explains what personal information is collected through this Web site, how that information is used, to whom it's disclosed, and how it's safeguarded. This policy applies only to personal information collected through the Web site, microsites, or mobile sites of our brands and lines of business that expressly adopt, and display or link to, this policy. We may refer to our brand Waterbabies Bikini throughout this privacy policy.

What personal information is collected at our web site and how is it used?

  1. Information Collected Directly from You and Others through this Site

    We collect personal information directly from you to do all the things typically associated with Web sites. Examples of the information we collect include name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, email address, personal preferences, credit card number, purchase and ordering information, demographical information, responses to survey questions and sizing information.

    This information is collected at various places: for instance, when you check out with your online order; subscribe to catalogs, email offers, and mobile messaging offers; or interact with special-event or program offers.

    We collect information about you. And, when you provide it, we collect information about those you know. For example, we collect your gift recipient's contact information to process your gift orders. We use this information to do things like:

  2. process your online orders;
  3. open an online account at your request;
  4. personalize your online experience with content and offers that are tailored to your interests;
  5. provide customer service, whether it's responding to a request or following up on an order;
  6. include you in surveys and contests;
  7. enable you to post your content, such as comments, images;
  8. facilitate networks of online social activity centered around our products and services;
  9. improve our website, improve the manner in which offers are made on our website, improve purchase decisions of our visitors and the interactions visitors have with our website;
  10. enable you to interact with third-party content service providers, whether by linking to their sites, viewing their content within our Web environment, or by viewing our content within their Web environment; and
  11. market products and services for each of our brands--for instance, by adding you to the Waterbabies Bikini email list when you make an online purchase
  12. Information We Observe or Collect through Technology

    1. Navigational Information

      When you visit this Web site, we collect navigational information, such as browser type and version, service-provider identification, IP address, the site from which you came, and the site to which you navigate. Navigational information is largely anonymous in the sense that it doesn't contain your name, address, phone number, email address or other information that directly identifies you. However, we may associate this navigational information with your personal information if you provide it.

    2. Cookies and Clear gifs

      To better understand what you do while on our site, we use a browser feature known as a cookie. A cookie is a small data file that's stored by your Web browser on your computer. It's used to do things like see how you navigate our Web site, what you click on, and remember you and your online purchases when you return. This helps us improve our site, provide better customer service, personalize your online experience, and personalize offers to you based on your unique tastes and purchase history.