How to find the right size top and bottom
  • Skinny Triangle tops are one of our most popular top style. It is very sexy and on the skimpy side, they provide minimum required coverage. Select the size based on your bra cup size. Recommended for augmented tops.    
  • Regular Triangle tops provide more support. If you are looking for a little more conservative coverage or have natural breasts size full C cup or larger, you should select this style of top. Also available with moulded cup.


Bottom Size Chart

Locate you height and jean/hip size to find the recommended bottom size


Bottom size chart



Fitting Example

Our model pictured here is 5’5”, hip size 35, jean size 1/2. She is wearing the same style bottom (Sweetheart scrunch) in both pictures. XS on the left and S on the right. Her size falls on the border line of 2 sizes in the sizing chart, in this case the choice will be based on personal comfort level.