Wearing a bikini is a fantastic way to flaunt your figure and catch the eyes of admiring men and women. But for many of us this remains just a dream probably because we are either out of shape or not confident in the shape of our bodies. Since fashion is all about carrying what we wear gracefully and with confidence, the art of wearing and looking good in a fitness bikini(s) too can be mastered easily.

Today there are many stores online like the https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/ which sell custom made bikinis. These custom made bikinis enable us to:

  • Choose a design as per our liking and
  • Size it according to the shape of our body for a smug fit.

The biggest advantage of these custom made bikinis is that they enable us to wear those designs that we have only coveted from far. The fact of being able to wear these designs in a shape and size that fits us, is enough to instill that spark of confidence required to carry it with grace.

In addition to this, making bikinis available as per the different shapes generally found in women has become a common feature of online stores like https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/. Hence irrespective of whether your body is pear shaped, hourglass-shaped, petite or plump, you can buy a bikini of your size easily from here.

There is another element attached to the fitness bikini(s); it encourages women to have a toned body without any extra flab. And this can be easily obtained by

  • Following a disciplined lifestyle,
  • Having a proper training program in place and
  • Eating healthy nourishing food.

In fact it just takes about a month to get the beach body ready and fit into a bikini by following the regime given below.

  • 1st week exercise plan:  This is the crucial week wherein we have to familiarize ourselves with the various exercises and workouts. It is also the week which needs a lot of self-discipline to actually let go of all the junk food you would otherwise love to take. With regards to the exercising routine, it is best to opt for two sets of exercises with high-intensity workouts alternating with cardio exercises throughout the week. Of course it is also necessary to take a break for about 30 to 45 seconds after every set of exercises done.
  • 2nd week exercise plan:  Since by now, your body has already got accustomed to a daily exercise regime, it is time to ramp up the intensity. Hence this is the week of supersets wherein you do two sets of exercises without any gap. This whole thing constitutes a superset and rest of 30 to 45 seconds is taken in between two supersets to allow the body to recover.
  • 3rd week exercise regime: This week the supersets continue but abdominal and plyometric workouts get added to the regime. Two other things should also be included to intensify the workout a bit more so that you get a perfect fit with a fitness bikini(s) of your choice. They are:
    • Walking bodyweight lunges; a total of two 10 minute sessions are to be included and
    • Steady state cardio; this workout can be of your choice but it should be 15 to 30 minute session.
    • 4th week exercise regime: This is the final week before you get ready to hit the beach with your toned body in a fitness bikini(s). The exercises have to continue but with no rest in between two complete sets. Only after one round of supersets is complete can one take a rest of 60 to 90 seconds. A total of 4 rounds of the exercises comprising of supersets, abdominal workouts, plyometrics, walking bodyweight lunges etc., has to be done to finish off the regime.

But this month long regime of exercise has to be backed up by a superb meal plan. This meal plan will not only help augment the exercise regime but also bring you that much closer to fitting into the spectacular bikini you say online in https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/. A sample meal plan should ideally include:

  • Egg whites and energy giving crunchy bars,
  • Oatmeal with banana and sugar free syrup,
  • Sliced turkey, jalapeños, avocado and green beans,
  • Corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, diced onions and cilantro as a pre-workout meal,
  • Chicken breast, rice and veggies of your choice as a post workout meal and
  • A protein shake.

The whole routine of exercise and a nutritious meal plan might seem difficult to follow initially but the goal of looking good in the fitness bikini(s) you purchased at https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/ , the online bikini store, should give you the required impetus to achieve it. And after the 4 weeks of intensive training and workouts is over, what you will get is a body toned to perfection with absolutely no flab at all. People will be surprised to see you looking so good in a fitness bikini(s) and you will earn accolades and appreciation even from quarters you least expected.