A woman’s beauty lies not the shape of her body but in the thoughts, feelings and emotions she expresses through her eyes. Thus any and all women look absolutely beautiful in whatever they wear irrespective of their body shape and size.

In fact it is the confidence with which they carry off a dress, a bikini, a pair of jeans, skirts etc., that finally decides how they look. And it goes without saying that women, who are confident and happy about their own shape and skin, look extremely attractive in bikinis.

Today the traditional two-piece swimwear has come a long way from being used as items of utility. It is now a part of the fashion trends which prevail globally.

They have thus found a permanent place in fashion websites and even have websites dedicated exclusively to figure bikini(s). One such website which is making waves in the fashion industry is https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/. With its latest trends and custom bikini, they have managed to bring about a revolution to the way a woman looks and feels in a bikini.

Factors which play important roles in the final selection of the bikini include:

  • Style: The style of the bikini has to fit in completely with the dimensions of the body. Only then will it be able to highlight all the good points and hide the not so good. The fact that a bikini reveals much more than any other form of clothing proves that with the proper styled figure bikini(s), one can look alluring and attractive.
  • Shape: The shape of the body too plays a significant role in determining the style of bikini that will best fit it. In fact a perfect combination of style and shape will enable the bikini to fit seamlessly against the body thereby increasing the level of comfort. Also based on the different body shapes that are generally seen on women, they can said to have the following category of figures:
    • Pear shaped which refers to a relatively wider bottom as compared to the top and makes an ideal figure for fitness bikini(s),
    • Hourglass shaped referring to a curvaceous body making a good figure choice for any type of bikini,
    • Fuller figured which makes for a more curvaceous or heavier figure wherein the competition bikini(s) make for a good and comfortable fit,
    • Petite refers to those figures which are small all around and make an ideal figure for those bikinis which are styled to look hot and sexy,
    • Athletic figures make wearing competition bikini(s) look absolutely gorgeous and the
    • Straight shaped body makes a perfect fit with most fitness bikini(s)
    • Comfort: This is a standard factor which remains same across all types of clothes. The more comfortable a person is in the bikini worn, the better it looks and feels on that person. Hence instead of rushing headlong into the next fashion bikini trend, it is always better to understand how comfortable a person is in wearing it.

Today most websites like the https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/ have the option wherein a person can design and style her own bikini. This makes for a nice change to the regular bikinis since she is able to design a unique combination based on the shape of her body as well as the style of bikini that she wants to wear.

Another advantage of this custom bikini is that any and every type of bikini can be restyled to suit one’s requirement and wearing it will also make that person look gorgeous.

With new additions taking place regularly to the bikini line of clothing, there are a few special bikinis which are making quite an impact. Two of these new age bikinis are:

  • Bling bikini: Today bling bikini(s) have become a rage. The fact that any type of bikini can be converted into a bling bikini makes it even more popular. They look good; they feel good and make the person wearing it the connoisseur of every eye on the beach. They are relatively easy to make too. Different types of bikinis can be easily converted into bling bikini(s) by creatively using hot fix crystals to fix the rhinestones and its corresponding applicator wand with attachments.
  • Crystal bikini: These crystal bikini(s) have been made even more famous by well-known celebrities flaunting their toned figures in them. The use of crystals for making jewellery has been known to man for a long time now. But the innovative concept of using them to decorate bikinis is a concept which is refreshingly novel and unique. Swarovski crystals, amethyst, jade etc., any and all of the crystals known to man can be used to stud bikinis instantly converting them into glittering crystal bikini(s). They look so good that despite the price tag there are many opting for the same.

Bikinis are here to stay and bikini shopping has become even more attractive and appealing than ever before. This is mainly due to the colourful and vibrant display of various types of bikinis present on the website of famous bikini online shops like https://www.waterbabiesbikini.com/ and also because today’s woman is not afraid to flaunt her figure or shy away from the admiring eyes.