When it comes to choosing your bikini contest swimwear, you should choose something that will make you feel and look confident. It should certainly be something that you would love to wear. at the same time, your choice of competition swimwear should also be a practical decision that takes into account different key factors. This guide provides you info about these important factors that need to be considered when choosing your bikini.

1. Cut

Start by learning everything about the rules of the federation where you will be competing. Usually narrow cut bottoms and thongs are not encouraged. The right cut should be chosen based on your curves and how you can hide any flaws. So if you have a short waist, choose a bikini contest swimwear with the rise adjusted lower. This will help create an illusion that you have a longer waist.

You can choose a halter styled or triangle styled top that provides better chest cover. If you have elegant pecs, you would want to choose triangle, and if not then look for something that covers them. If you have tattoos or scars, you should keep them in mind when choosing the best cut. For example, custom-made swimwear can prove to be the perfect choice to hide any tattoos.

It will be best if you get the help of your designer or trainer to determine what cut is best for your body. So take this as the first factor to consider and then go about evaluating the others for choosing your competition bikini.

2. Your Cup Size

Proportion is the most important thing to any bikini contest swimwear. The goal is to have the perfect match between your bottom and bust. Even if you have less cleavage, you can create an illusion by choosing the right cup size. So if you have a B cup, you may choose an A cup and then push up your cleavage to create a more proportionate impression.

3. Your Skin Color

Make sure to consider your skin color when choosing the bikini contest swimwear color. Determine how your suit will stand out when you are on the stage. This will require you to choose a color that contrasts with your skin. Some of the colors that usually stand out against most skin colors include:

  • Emerald green
  • Eggplant purple
  • Aqua

If you are going to choose light colored fabric, it is recommended to get a dark tan. Else you will not be able to create the perfect contrast. Even your hair color should be taken into account when choosing your bikini contest swimwear.

4. Hair Color

  • Red Hair: If you have red hair, you should choose a suit with warmer tones. Some good examples include tans, browns, burgundies, teals, greens, and red and orange tones.
  • Black or Brown Hair: If you have black or brown hair, you should choose a bikini that balances the darkness. Choose a suit with dark or medium dark color. Teals and purples can look beautiful with dark hair. Some of the other alternatives include burgundy, plums, and blues.
  • Blonde Hair: If you have blonde or platinum hair, you should choose darker tones of bikini contest swimwear that contrast your hair color. On the other hand, you can also choose to wear silver and gold. Some of the other suit color options include coral, aqua, turquoise, red, blue tones, and even hot pink.

You can even consider your eye color when choosing a bikini for a contest. Since your hair color is more easily noticeable, your eye color should be a secondary factor.

5. Connectors

Connectors are usually chosen for the top and bottom. The details of the top connectors can help in making your bikini contest swimwear unique to your body. When it comes to the midi-section, it is suggested to choose a shorter connector if you have smaller cleavage. Longer connectors are recommended for those with more cleavage.

A back connector should be avoided so that the suit can be as tight as possible. The top strap connectors will usually match the bottom connectors. When it comes to bottom connectors, choose thinner connectors if you have a thicker bottom. If you have lean legs and lesser curves, you can choose thick connectors to create a curvier impression. You can find a wide range of connectors to choose from, so evaluate all the different options to find something that suits your body best.

So consider all these factors and follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that you are able to choose the perfect bikini contest swimwear. Once you have determined what works best for your body, you should also test a few different suits from the chosen options. This will help you choose the suit that fits perfectly on your body in every possible way.