Whether you are stepping on the stage for bikini competition for the first time or not, you would always want to look and feel perfect. Every time you step on that stage, it is the first time and you don’t want to compromise in any way. This guide will help you prepare well for the competition.

Preparing for Bikini Competition

If you want to participate in competitions, it is important you know how to prepare. You should know what is required to improve your competitive edge. You should consider the costs, time and energy that will go into the following factors:

  • Your bikini
  • Shoes
  • Makeup and hair
  • Nails
  • Spray tan
  • Travel and lodging charges
  • Competition registration charges

When you participate in bikini competition, you will also have to make certain sacrifices in other aspects of your life. It is highly likely that you will have to miss on different types of events to be able to participate in the competition. You may have to get off your normal diet and control what you can eat.

Join a Fitness Program

You can significantly improve your physique when you participate in a fitness program. Part of the program should be to prepare you to step on the stage. While a fitness program can enhance your looks, performing regularly in front of audience can help boost your confidence levels. The workout plan should be varied to ensure that it remains effective. The glutes should be trained almost every day to enhance the overall looks.

It is recommended to have your workouts around the bikini wax. This is because there is a chance of a reaction after you exercise. It will also be good if you plan your workouts around the tan. You will have to work hard to get the body of your dreams. So make sure that you are not skipping too much on your workouts.

Plan Your Diet

When preparing for bikini competition, follow these tips to plan your diet:

  • Take the right amount of calories every day. Calculate the right numbers by multiplying your by 15.
  • Keep track of your fitness plan and stick to 6 lighter meals in day.
  • Add a lot of shakes to your diet.
  • Increase your protein intake. Maintain a good ratio between your protein, carb and fat intake.
  • Salads should be on top of your diet list and heavier items at the bottom.
  • Make sure to spend a little time each day on meal planning. If you want to look sexy in your bikini, you will have to plan things about.
  • As you get closer to the bikini competition, reduce your calorie intake.
  • Avoid all kinds of foods that can leave you with an extended belly.
  • When it comes to ‘fast foods’, it is best to stick to lightly salted nuts and similar foods.

Your skin is going to keep getting darker a few hours after a tan. The only way to stop this is to get a shower. If you don't stop it, you are going to look orange after the tan.

Consider Bikini Shaping Inserts

Adding a little amount of curves can help you look sexier and gain more points in the bikini competition. There are bikini designs with curves that enhance your breasts. You will love the way they fill out the bikini when you are in front of so many people. There are different options which are available with mini-pushups and maximum push-ups to address different needs.

It will be best to have your bikini designed to fit your body. A custom design can highlight just the right places. Remember bikinis are not easy to customize, so you should choose an expert.

Additional Tips

Avoid the use of oil, lotion or anything else that can cloud the area on the bikini line. Get yourself Brazilian wax at least a few times before the bikini competition. There is so much more information about there that things can seem to become overwhelming. Don't rely on everyone’s opinion because you are going to find lots of it. unless someone is a professional practitioner in the field, you don't have any reason to take their advice. There is no one else that knows your body better than you.

Learn from Your Failures

Everyone has started a fitness program and failed at it. So when you prepare for your bikini competition, make sure to learn from it. Create a list of reasons why you failed. The key is to face the challenges that prevent you from achieving your goals.

So follow these tips to prepare well for your bikini competition. Choosing the best fitting bikini from WaterBabiesBikini can further help you prepare for the event and both look and feel great.