Bikini fashion has undergone a revolution in the past decade. From being the simple one piece or a two piece swimming costume, it has become one of the most coveted pieces of fashion today. Getting the perfect beach body has now become a craze and a bikini round is part of every fashion show of repute. From being the simple costume worn while swimming, today it has become a part of the fashion scene like never before.

The crystal bikini(s) is one of the costliest revolutions to grace the bikini fashion arena. As the name suggests, it is a bikini studded with crystals. Initially worn by the fashion divas of the world of entertainment, today it has become quite a popular choice. In fact possessing one of these bikinis is even considered to be a fashion statement today. Consequently a lot of women are opting for this bikini at online stores like

When they were initially introduced and favoured only by the glitterati, they were studded with real crystals like diamonds, amethyst, Swarovski crystals etc. They were, thus, extremely costly and well beyond the means of the general populace which constituted the greater percentage of customers. Consequently in a conscious effort to woo them, crystal bikini(s) studded with rhinestones were introduced. This made it relatively cheaper and the varied display of attractive colours on the website of online bikini stores like the , made it seem even more attractive.

In fact these bikinis are not only attractive to look at but also help to enhance the looks of the wearer. Set against a backdrop of vibrant colours like different hues of dark blue, maroon, green, black, pink etc., the crystals add glitter and sparkle to the bikini. The fasteners holding the bikini together are also studded with crystals thereby making them seem even more eye-catching and gorgeous. Wearing one of these, especially when one has a perfectly toned figure, is one of those rare moments that stay with a person forever. So alluringly beautiful are these crystal bikini(s) that it is difficult to get out of adding them to ones collection of bikinis.

Today, however, the adornments on these bikinis are not restricted to only crystals. In fact when clubbed with pearls, laces, beads, roses, tassels, silver sequins etc., they transcend from being just beautiful to becoming angelic. And when worn, the combined power of the colour scheme of the crystals, the whites and the silvers mesmerise the onlooker by reflecting each and every colour of the rainbow whenever they happen to catch the light. In fact the beautiful display of crystal bikini(s) put up on websites like make it very hard for a casual onlooker to pass without buying.

The ability to customise the bikini to match one’s body shape and size makes it an even better buy.  This has an added advantage since irrespective of the type of body shape and figure one possesses, a woman is able to flaunt a perfectly fitting crystal bikini(s). And no matter how many bikinis one has worn or will wear in one’s lifetime, this chic piece of swimwear will always remain the most prized possession.  From its conceptualisation to its flawless creation this piece of swimwear gives the most value for money.

Of course the availability of DIY objects like rhinestones, bikini connectors and embellishments, hot fix crystals etc., makes it quite easy to convert any bikini into one studded with crystals. With the easy availability of these adornments, one can give reign to one’s imagination and come up with unique and original designs. This originality and uniqueness will make the crystal bikini(s) seem even more special and enable the person wearing it feel even more attractive. Of course in order to facilitate this conversion, one has to purchase a good quality bikini from the online stores like first.

Generally speaking these “collector’s item” bikinis come in small to medium sizes. Some even sport removable padded triangular cups for adding the extra oomph while wearing this bikini. Showing off flat abs to perfection, this bikini has become quite a rage across generations and age groups. It is a fashion statement that few women shy from making especially since it is currently considered to the biggest thing to happen to the bikini fashion genre.

In fact women are so enchanted and engrossed with this piece of artistic swimwear that they occasionally sport it when on exotic holidays. Posting pictures of this beautifully crafted bikini on social media has become quite a popular way of gaining appreciation for the attractive looks that this bikini imparts to the wearer. That the glamorously striking bikini is here to stay is a moot point. In fact what is more obvious is that it is all set to become even more popular the world over.