When it comes to competition swimwear, it is important to make the right choice of swimwear in terms of fitting and sizing. The fit and effectiveness of the swimwear are much more importance in the competitive arena. The following tips will help you make the right choice of bikini.

Importance of Fitting Swimwear

Style and looks have higher priority in fashion swimwear, but competition swimwear is more about proper fitting and how you feel in them. You should give preference to comfort levels and how well the bikini fits you. It should provide excellent fit and flexibility because you are going to spend a lot of time in the swimsuit and your body will have to undergo different types of motions.

The following tips will help you make the right choice of competition swimwear:

  • Torso: The swimwear’s torso part should go flatly over your body and shouldn’t gather at the seams. It shouldn’t be pulled from the straps. Be careful that the bikini is not too tight. This is important because you have to move comfortably within it. Effective fit will also ensure that there is no stretching from the neck or leg openings.
  • Shoulder Straps: The ideal swimsuits for competitions are designed without any tie straps. Even if you have a bikini with straps, make sure they go comfortably over the shoulders. When you apply the straps, make sure they allow you to move around without any restrictions. Rotate the shoulders to check with straps maintain their positions and that there is no discomfort. When swimming your arms needs to move a lot. If the straps are not secure or comfortable, they can slow you down.
  • Leg Size: When choosing the right size for leg openings for your competition swimwear, you should avoid elastic straps that dig in or pucker into your legs. If you notice that the elastic is too tight and digs into your legs, choose bikinis with larger sizes. The back of the suit should also provide adequate amount of coverage. When it comes to getting adequate coverage, it is the style that makes a difference than the size.
  • Bust Size & Style: You should look for a bikini with a bust that provides ample support and coverage without making your breasts look flatter. Adjustable straps will help make your bust feel secured and well contained in it. It should be easy to lift your arms so that your bust gets good amount of coverage. You don't want to flash anything when you move your arms.

Consider Fully Body Swimsuits

Full-body competition swimwear is becoming increasingly popular due to its various advantages. It makes it easier to swim and helps increase your speed in the water. In fact, these swimsuits are designed keeping in mind aerodynamics and are also used widely in Olympic Games. These swimsuits are made of higher quality and longer-lasting fabric. Like other factors, aesthetics are secondary and it is also about proper fitting and comfort.

When choosing competition swimwear, your comfort levels in the swimsuit can make a big impact. So it is extremely important to keep the fitting factors of the swimsuit in mind when choosing the perfect piece. It shouldn’t be too tight to affect circulation or cause pain. It should just be fit enough to allow you to move comfortably within it.

How Does a Good Swimsuit Feel Like?

The right type of competition swimwear should provide a supportive fit that with the following characteristics:

  • Remember that the right swimsuit will be as tight as its going to be and gradually loses its tightness over time.
  • The swimwear’s feel changes when you enter the water.
  • If there is any wrinkle or bag in the competition swimwear, it will result in unwanted drag when you exercise or race.

There is more to swimwear than covering your skin. Just like running shoes, these swimsuits can be considered as part of your sports gear. When you wear running shoes, you cannot choose something that is oversized or small. It will not only make you feel uncomfortable, it will also affect your performance.

Things to Avoid

When you choose your competition swimwear, it is important to avoid certain things. This includes the following points:

  • An old swimsuit shouldn’t be used as a reference size. As already mentioned, suits stretch out over time and will not give a correct measure of your current size.
  • Look for competition swimwear that fit perfectly because fashion swimsuits are not made to fit.
  • Suit cuts can vary over time and the sizes can be different across different brands.
  • Make sure that you order your competitive swimsuit yourself. Don’t let someone else do it for you.

So keep all these points in mind when looking for the best fitting competition swimwear. WaterBabiesBikini makes it easy to choose the best-fitting swimsuits matching your size.